Hand poked tattoos @hands.inked CA July 28 2019

@hands.inked CA

hand poked tattoos/ listen to your soul

True Black Tattooing studio @trueblacktattooing 

13 Anglesea street, Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland 

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CA x


Puba X July 23 2019

sweetest Puba X 

hopefully you met her in the shop and shared some magic energies #soul 

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Cut Coin Designs July 19 2019

Cut Coin Designs by amazing talented Marius X



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New YOGIXIII July 16 2019






Skull enamel pin yogiYogixiii Dublin cityFuck off tshirt Fuck off tee true black tattooing Dublin cityPink yogi13 beanieCaptain Agne yogixiii hands.inked enamel tribe pinYogixiii skull earth positive sweatshirt Yogixiii stay true Dublin citySkull skreenprin sweatshirt made in Dublin yogiLive a great story patch yogixiii hands.inked





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hands.inked hand poked tattoos Dublin June 13 2017

@hands.inked 13 Anglesea street/ temple bar/ Dublin

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much love CA

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YOGI bold life & FatApe May 14 2016

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one love. &

Tola Vintage Kilo Sale November 04 2015

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MAgne x


Unique Dublin boutique
Style smiths. Craft makers. Mind builders.
11 Fownes st. Upper,
Temple Bar, Dublin2, IRELAND

YES DUBLIN June 23 2015

Give this world good energy.
Love each other.
Kindness is magic.
Love life.
Make it happen.
Love is the answer.
****** I LOVE YOU ******
Always yours - MAgne x
****** L O V E ******
Unique Dublin boutique
Style smiths. Craft makers. Mind builders.
11 Fownes st. Upper,
Temple Bar, Dublin2, IRELAND

Locket necklaces at MAgne Dublin handmade June 07 2015

Here is a collection of handmade locket necklaces we have in the shop (MAgne 11 Fownes st. Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin2, Ireland), and online soon ;)

Plain golden brass lockets with etched detail, vintage look, water colour designs, graphic portraits of animals, iconic Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe images, memento mori, mandala designs..  Also see through glass floating locket necklaces (in silver, gold and rose gold).

Use these adorable lockets for photos, pressed flowers or anything you would like to keep close to your heart.

Perfect gift for her... 





Always yours - MAgne x

11 Fownes st. Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin2

Aoife and her amazing Diplodocus notebooks May 29 2015

We are more than happy to introduce our beautiful brilliant talented local artist Aoife.!

Her handmade Diplodocus notebooks, journals, sketchbooks are the best and flying from the shop in no time..

You can find more of her work here:

Made in Dublin, Ireland and available at MAgne (Unique Dublin boutique in Temple Bar, Local handmade).

You can come and meet Aoife every monday at MAgne shop. If you would like some custom work done by Aoife, feel free to discuss your ideas with her in person or email:


Aoife (thank you darling!) made this amazing wooden covered guest book for MAgne:


Diplodocus collection at MAgne:


Always yours -
MAgne x
Style smiths. Craft makers. Mind builders.
11 Fownes st. Upper,
Temple Bar, Dublin2

Henna tattoo MAgne Dublin May 27 2015

Henna ink at MAgne! (Temple Bar district, above Lucys Lounge vintage)

We stock all colours of henna in the shop (black too), so come and get some summer festive ink.!

Also if you would like, ask our staff and we will make you some beautiful arts on your skin (our genius Marius is the best at it;)  !

 #ilovesummer #hennainkdublin #dontwalkdance #handmadeboutiquedublin #summerfestivals #hennatattoo #hennaart

Marius is making beautiful henna flower art at the shop:

Friendship henna:

Henna arrow:

Henna tattoo ideas:

Always yours - MAgne x

MAgne  (Style smiths. Craft makers. Mind builders.)
Fownes st. Upper,
Temple Bar, Dublin2

#meetMILK February 01 2015




MA Facebook MILK photoshoot collection:

MA Pinterest inspirational MILK board:


Always yours 

MAgne x

MILKJAW January 05 2015

#milkjaw #dublinskate #dublincity
Always yours -
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Black Friday!! November 27 2014

let's shop let's dance let's be happy!!


Always yours -

MAgne x

Christmas on.! November 21 2014

We love Christmas!!
Thank you CarveOn guys for featuring us in your beautiful Christmas gift guide #magic
Come and dance with us xx
everyday news:
Always yours 
MAgne x

Super You June 10 2014

Love this inspiring blog post by Scott McPherson:

"Don’t wait for radiation or a spider bite to turn you into a super version of yourself. Just stop thinking weak, limited, timid thoughts and return to the natural, capable confidence of your childhood. Put your underwear on the outside of your pants, tie a tablecloth to your neck, and go for it. Compared to what you do now, it will be way less painful and way more fun. Enjoy."



Would you like to own MiniMA leather bag?!? March 24 2014

Who would like to own this precious MiniMA leather bag?

Its time for sunny spring giveaway !! 

Go to our FB page: MAgneShop to enter the competition.

It's few steps and MiniMA could be yours;)

What you have to do:
1. like this post (on our FB page) and like our FB page – we value your friendship ♥
2. leave a comment – describe the favorite bag you have ever owned;
3. share this post – help us to spread the world ;)

Good luck everyone! Winner will be announced June 1st.


Always yours - MAgne.

New Year inspiration January 21 2014

Happy New Year everyone. We are more than happy to start this 2014 year with more inspiration for growing, sharing, spreading the world, touching your soul and being a part of it. We are extremely exited about new ideas, new goals, about being better and stronger.

We would like to share our dear friend Lucys' moto for this year: „Don't follow, lead. Be passionate about who you are. Be creative. Punk, not pussy.” ( )

We love it!

Be individual, be free, express yourself, go crazy, be you -this is the time!



Always yours – MAgne.