Super You June 10 2014

Love this inspiring blog post by Scott McPherson:

"Don’t wait for radiation or a spider bite to turn you into a super version of yourself. Just stop thinking weak, limited, timid thoughts and return to the natural, capable confidence of your childhood. Put your underwear on the outside of your pants, tie a tablecloth to your neck, and go for it. Compared to what you do now, it will be way less painful and way more fun. Enjoy."



New Year inspiration January 21 2014

Happy New Year everyone. We are more than happy to start this 2014 year with more inspiration for growing, sharing, spreading the world, touching your soul and being a part of it. We are extremely exited about new ideas, new goals, about being better and stronger.

We would like to share our dear friend Lucys' moto for this year: „Don't follow, lead. Be passionate about who you are. Be creative. Punk, not pussy.” ( )

We love it!

Be individual, be free, express yourself, go crazy, be you -this is the time!



Always yours – MAgne.