Locket necklaces at MAgne Dublin handmade June 07 2015

Here is a collection of handmade locket necklaces we have in the shop (MAgne 11 Fownes st. Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin2, Ireland), and online soon ;)

Plain golden brass lockets with etched detail, vintage look, water colour designs, graphic portraits of animals, iconic Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe images, memento mori, mandala designs..  Also see through glass floating locket necklaces (in silver, gold and rose gold).

Use these adorable lockets for photos, pressed flowers or anything you would like to keep close to your heart.

Perfect gift for her... 





Always yours - MAgne x

11 Fownes st. Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin2

Aoife and her amazing Diplodocus notebooks May 29 2015

We are more than happy to introduce our beautiful brilliant talented local artist Aoife.!

Her handmade Diplodocus notebooks, journals, sketchbooks are the best and flying from the shop in no time..

You can find more of her work here:

Made in Dublin, Ireland and available at MAgne (Unique Dublin boutique in Temple Bar, Local handmade).

You can come and meet Aoife every monday at MAgne shop. If you would like some custom work done by Aoife, feel free to discuss your ideas with her in person or email:


Aoife (thank you darling!) made this amazing wooden covered guest book for MAgne:


Diplodocus collection at MAgne:


Always yours -
MAgne x
Style smiths. Craft makers. Mind builders.
11 Fownes st. Upper,
Temple Bar, Dublin2